Centrifugal pumps

The centrifugal pumps are mainly used to convey liquids by means of a continuously rotating impeller.

In the case of the centrifugal pumps, the energy transfer takes place hydrodynamically and the fluid is accelerated by the impeller of the centrifugal pumps. The impeller must move at high speed and therefore at a high number of revolutions. The advantages of the centrifugal pumps are a simple structure, only a few moving parts and a long life. The flow rate is easily adjustable via a valve in the pressure line or via the speed. It is a high speed by direct drive via an electric motor or a turbine possible. The centrifugal pumps have a built-in pressure limiter, therefore no safety valve is required. Due to the good mass balance The result is a smooth running and a continuous and pulsation-free transport. Solids can be conveyed and thus these pumps are also suitable for the highest performance. There is a high power concentration in a small space.