Small centrifugal pumps from SPECK

Universally applicable pumps for many industrial applications

These centrifugal block pumps with mechanical seal or magnetic coupling are universally applicable pumps that are suitable for many industrial applications.

In small dimensions, these centrifugal pumps have a motor shaft as a pump shaft, a top / top connection position (ax / top on request) and threaded connections or SAE flanges. These pumps are normal-priming (self-priming on request) and have a mechanical seal made of carbon, SiC or FKM. (other material designs depending on the medium).

The advantage of these centrifugal pumps is that they also convey gas, convey pulsation-free and are particularly suitable for high pressures or delivery heights with relatively low delivery rates. They are used for clear or cloudy liquids without abrasive contamination and without solid components with a kinetic viscosity of up to 100 mm² / s

Speck offers a wide range of peripheral impeller pumps* with a wide variety of designs and drives. Compared to radial pumps, these small centrifugal pumps have significantly smaller dimensions and are more simply constructed.

* Peripheral impeller pumps (also called turbine pumps) are hydraulic flow machines or a sub-category of centrifugal pumps.

Speck-Pumpen is one of the most competent and innovative suppliers of peripheral impeller pumps worldwide and has decades of experience in the development and production of these pumps.