Reliability in every process

Pentax pumps owes its success to over 25 years of experience in the international market of centrifugal electric pumps. It is constantly ready to meet customer requirements with a professional approach and spirit of innovation.

Pentax pumps boasts of one of the widest range of products available today on the market, all offers high-quality solutions for the domestic and industrial sectors.
The commercial sector works constantly in the search of new solutions for potential customers in order to develop and envisage future demands. The range of Pentax products is extremely vast since it endeavours to meet the most diverse demands according to the sector of use and type of device: submersible or surface pumps, single or multistage pumps, for all agricultural, civil, domestic and industrial sectors. Pentax subjects its products to constant quality controls: from certifications, to line controls, to tests. Always to guarantee the best quality. Multiple variables make a service perfect: understanding the customer requirements, selecting the best pump solutions at great value for money and offering local support.