Mixblend Horizontal Blender by INOXPA

covers the most common mixing requirements

With the new mixer model MIXBLEND MB05/10, INOXPA is expanding its product portfolio within the mixer family with a new key product for the mixing industry.

The MIXBLEND is a blender that can provide a solution for blending solids like gums, pectins and thickening agents, a common blending requirement in  the industry. The MIXBLEND blender is used to add solids with a potential for clumping into a liquid medium and, unlike many other blenders, it is ideal for using with products containing higher concentrations of gums and thickening agents.

The MIXBLEND comes with an in-line mixer, rather than a pump, setting it apart from our other blender models. The high shear blender can simultaneously pump, disperse and emulsify as solids are added through a hopper.

Two standard MIXBLEND models have been developed, the MB-05 and the MB-10, offering a blender for a more appealing price compared to the other more complex models.

INOXPA MH-20 MH-26 Horizontal Blender
Horizontal blender is a compact unit, it consists of a centrifugal pump with a venturi system on the suction side and a hopper with a butterfly valve above the venturi to add solid / powder products to the pumped liquid. In this blender, the suction and venturi system are set horizontally. The venturi system and the suction of the pump create a negative pressure at the base of the hopper. When the valve of the hopper opens, the solids are drawn from the hopper and are dissolved in the liquid when they pass through the pump casing. To achieve the best possible dissolution, it is recommended to recirculate the product (batch production) untill all the solid/powder product is suctioned in and then, when the solid product is completely incorporated into the liquid product, continue recirculating the product for a while.

In some cases, it can be used in-line depending on the solid product to add and the required level of dissolution.