Displacement pumps

Displacement pumps are hydrostatic machines. They transport a defined volume depending on the engine speed, but almost independent of the pressure.

These are positive-displacement pumps which, despite different design principles, often handle very similar pumping tasks. Displacement pumps are ideal for very high pressures and delivery heads with a small flow rate – reversible, gas-conveying and without backflow at standstill. Positive displacement pumps basically have their strengths in the movement of viscous fluids. They are also the first choice when the product needs to be transported from A to B very gently. Gentle transport is required in the food and beverage industry, but also in the production of pharmaceutical products and cosmetics. The most widely used displacement pump types are rotary vane pumps, gear pumps, eccentric screw pumps, rotary lobe pumps and compressed air diaphragm pumps. Most of these pumps can be designed to handle a variety of conveying tasks.