Progressive cavity pumps NOV MONO COMPACT C SERIES

A competitively priced progressing cavity pump, with a compact construction and maximum performance characteristics.

The progressing cavity pumps MONO Compact C series was developed by Mono to provide a pump that is as compact as possible and safe for maximum requirements.

The progressive cavity pump principle is ideal for conveying slurries, viscous, shear-sensitive or two- or three-phase mixtures and when the application requires significant suction strokes. A square funnel inlet is available for slurry applications with higher dry matter content.

The pump design is ideal for both low and high flow rates and also allows series-connected pumps to be set up at higher pressures.

The core of a mono pump is the rotor and stator. Because the single screw rotor rotates eccentrically to the twin screw of the stator, a continuous cavity is formed that moves toward the outlet end as the rotor rotates.