Heat transfer pumps from SPECK

High quality reliable pumps for low and high temperature applications.

Pumps for heat transfer technology, available as radial pumps with uncooled mechanical seal and magnetic coupling or as peripheral impeller pumps with magnetic coupling.

Choose the right pump for your system and find the best solution from six series!
Every heat transfer system has its own special features – sometimes the sealing principle is decisive, sometimes the available installation space, sometimes the special properties of the medium. With heat transfer pumps from Speck-Pumpen, you can choose from six series with different characteristics and find the best solution for your system.

Minimum stock of spare parts and great flexibility thanks to the modular system.
Thanks to the consistently designed modular system, many components within the six series are completely identical and interchangeable. This means absolutely minimal spare parts inventory. This guarantees full flexibility with these heat transfer pumps, because replacing pumps and components or converting to a different version is extremely easy.