Self-priming waste water pumps from VARISCO

Ideal for pumping liquids with suspended matter

Self-priming centrifugal pumps, ideal for pumping liquids with suspended solids. As construction pumps and sewage pumps, these centrifugal pumps are suitable for applications where suction is difficult. These wastewater pumps are also used in sewage treatment plants and sewage systems, where their maintenance-friendly design offers an absolutely reliable solution for transporting wastewater. Areas of application are in the industrial, municipal and construction sectors.

These centrifugal pumps have fast self-priming without a bottom valve. As soon as the centrifugal pumps are filled with water, they can self-prime up to a height of 7.5 m. These dirty water pumps have a semi-open impeller that allows large diameter solids to pass through and is easy to maintain. They have a high resistance to abrasive liquids: cloudy, muddy, sandy water with suspended solids. Easy installation: only the suction tube has to be immersed in the liquid. When the pump is placed outside and above the liquid to be pumped, there is also inspection and maintenance of the pump relieved.