Volute casing pumps – standard pumps CSN + SN by TUMA

For clean or slightly contaminated liquids with low viscosity

These horizontal, single-stage, radially split volute casing standard pumps CSN + SN from TUMA are suitable for clean or slightly dirty liquids with low viscosity. The standard pumps are available with a closed or semi-open impeller.

In a variety of designs, all CSN models correspond to the norms EN 22858/ISO 2858, the SN to the norms DIN 24255/EN 733 and the suction and pressure flanges to the ISO standard. All impellers of these volute casing pumps are ISO 1940 Class 6.3. dynamically balanced.

An absolute advantage of the CSN chemical standard pumps and the SN water standard pumps is the back-pull-out design, through which the entire bearing, including impeller and shaft, can be dismantled while the housing remains in the pipe system.

With the CSN standard chemical pump, the axial thrust is compensated for by a wear ring compensation hole system with closed impellers and by back ribs with semi-open impellers. The wear ring allows for easy replacement. The strong pump shaft is supported by oil-lubricated, long-life, high-performance ball bearings, making the pump extremely robust. Two angular contact ball bearings are used on the clutch side and cylindrical roller bearings or ball bearings on the impeller side.

In addition to the oil seals, a metal thrower is used on these centrifugal pumps to prevent leakage into the bearings.

The high-capacity oil reservoir lowers the oil temperature, thereby increasing bearing life. In addition, the cooling chamber in the bearing bracket takes care of the oil cooling. An external seal cooling system can be used if required.