Gear pumps V by Varisco – September product of the month

Robust, high-performance construction, with constant performance.

The Varisco V internal gear pumps have a robust, high-performance construction, a low peripheral speed of the rotor, with a smooth flow without pulsations or pressure spikes that could cause vibrations in the pipelines.

The gear pumps are characterized by a constant performance directly proportional to the speed and almost independent of the pressure. In the version there are gear pumps with a stuffing box; single and double mechanical seal, lip seal and magnetic drive.

The Varisco SAXMAG V-System gear pump with magnetic drive enables non-contact and absolutely leak-free power transmission thanks to the static seal. The SAXMAG magnetic drive is used in industrial plants for pumping flammable, explosive and polymerizing liquids.

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Rotary vane pumps Series SVM – August product of the month

Seal-less Mag-drive pumps, ideally suited for low flow / high head applications

SVM pumps feature self-compensating sliding-vanes which maintain design head and flow capacities for extended operating life. SVM vane pumps are suitable for thin non-lubricating liquids and/or high differential pressure without rapid wear associated with gear mechanisms.

Other advantages are:

  • variable speed-controlled drive
  • robust housing and rotors made from forged alloy bars
  • heavy-duty aluminum security case for added security
  • replaceable carbon cartridge for low maintenance costs

The areas of application: chemical and pharmaceutical plants, pilot plants & laboratories, injection and sampling systems, refrigerant and ammonia recirculation, mechanical seal flushing

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TUMA pump check – summer dates still available!

TUMA is your pump specialist in Austria when it comes to pump repairs, pump maintenance and pump service!

Use the summer months for a pump check or a pump service. Our technicians in our in-house workshop check pumps and systems – not just those supplied by us – and repair them. Errors and weak points are quickly identified and eliminated on our own pump test bench.

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PENTAX multi-stage water pumps – July product of the month

For pumping non-contaminated liquids

These PENTAX centrifugal pumps are absolute professional pumps and play in the top league in terms of quality. The water pumps are generally used where low-noise and particularly economical pumps are required.

Equipped with IPFC frequency converters, the multi-stage vertical centrifugal pumps also offer many advantages:

  • Electronic speed control and pressure maintenance of electric centrifugal pumps
  • Pressure-dependent switching on and off of electric pumps, as well as automatic adjustment of the pump output to fluctuating operating conditions

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INOXPA and PENTAX – pumps available at short notice

The lack of pumps and spare parts that can‘t be delivered is currently not an easy situation for all industries. That’s why we chose the pump manufacturers who have short delivery times. With the pumps from INOXPA and PENTAX, we at TUMA can guarantee you a delivery time of 4-5 weeks.

INOXPA is the market leader in the manufacture of high-quality stainless steel components and systems for fluid handling.
This includes mixing systems, CIP systems, pigging systems, pasteurization systems, valve manifolds, automation, hygienic pumps, agitators, blenders, mixers, valves and fittings. Here you will find an overview of the Inoxpa Pumps

PENTAX has been working with water and liquid handling systems, natural or synthetic, for more than 25 years, with one of the widest product ranges available on the market today. Choosing Pentax pumps means security in every operational phase and guarantees dynamic production processes as well as flexible distribution systems. Here you can find more details about Pentax Pumps

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Liquid ring vacuum pumps by SPECK – Product of the month June

Available as ‘base plate pumps’ or ‘block pumps’

These high quality and reliable pumps are suitable for many industrial applications. There is a wide range of graded sizes for a large delivery volume range and a large variety of different designs, such as robust standard designs, pumps without dead space, pumps that transport water, pumps that save process water, and low-noise two-stage pumps.

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Vertical in-line centrifugal pumps by EBARA – Product of the month May

Vertical, multi-stage centrifugal pumps from EBARA
Quality pumps in inline design EVMS

TUMA product of the month May

These vertical centrifugal pumps are suitable for pumping clear liquids. Thanks to innovative, patented and highly efficient hydraulic solutions (Shurricane), the pumps have the following advantages:

  • the pumps have highly efficient hydraulics and achieve the best levels of efficiency (MEI > 0.70)
  • The axial thrust of the hydraulics, reduced to a minimum, allows the use of standard motors worldwide
  • The reduced axial thrust guarantees a maximum service life of the motor bearings
  • Thanks to the cartridge mechanical seal, it is easy to replace the shaft seal on all pumps without having to dismantle the motor mount
  • the spacer coupling enables easy maintenance without having to dismantle the motor (≥ 5.5 kW)
  • Many connection options, in addition to DIN and oval flanges, Victaulic and Clamp are also available
  • Many pairs of mechanical seals available for all possible applications. Building technology, water supply.

The areas of application include water supply, pressure boosting, water treatment, washing systems, air conditioning systems, heating/cooling water transport, filter systems, boiler feed, extinguishing water supply, sprinkling, apparatus construction and industrial applications.

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Magnetic driven centrifugal pumps series HCM

Resistant structure, suitable for high corrosive fluids.

Mag drive centrifugal pumps series HCM are made of thermoplastic materials (Polypropylene or PVDF) and, thanks to their strong and resistant structure, they are suitable for high corrosive fluids and heavy duty applications.

The pump housing of these sealless magnetic drive centrifugal pumps is machined from a solid block, which ensures high resistance to pressure and temperature. The movement is transmitted by the magnetic coupling without any mechanical seal. This magnetic drive system guarantees maximum safety and efficiency, as well as reducing the risk of leaks and emissions.


  • high resistance in terms of pressure and temperature
  • without any mechanical seal
  • robust and resistant design
  • sealless magnetically coupled centrifugal pump
  • flange connections
  • suitable for highly corrosive and heavy liquids


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Thermoplastic mag-drive rotary vane pumps HPP/HPF

High chemical resistance, particularly suitable for aggressive liquids.

Mag drive rotary vane pumps series HPP-HPF are made of thermoplastic materials (PP/PVDF) and are suitable for corrosive liquids, alkalis, toxic, noxious and carcinogenic fluids.

The design of the HPP/HPF magnetic pumps is kept simple so that the pump requires very little maintenance, resulting in savings in repair and spare parts costs over the life of the pump.

Materials in contact with the liquid:

  • Gcasing, end cover, internal magnet and rear casing: PP/PVDF
  • O-ring: EPDM/VITON
  • Rotor shaft: PVDF


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AxFlow Service – Offer of the month


Our services guarantee you an optimal process flow and offer a wide range of services:

  • Consultancy | damage analysis | commissioning | pump repairs | pump maintenance | pump service | workshop with its own pump test bench | logistics with a large spare parts warehouse


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