Thermoplastic mag-drive rotary vane pumps HPP/HPF

High chemical resistance, particularly suitable for aggressive liquids

Mag drive rotary vane pumps series HPP-HPF are made of thermoplastic materials (PP/PVDF) and are suitable for corrosive liquids, alkalis, toxic, noxious and carcinogenic fluids.

In seal-less magnetic drive vane pumps, the external magnet is directly connected to the motor shaft and it transmits the torque to the internal magnet. The magnetic field created produces a rotation without physical contact between the parts and the rotor spins. The vanes inside the rotor slide in and out of their seat and they move the fluid. The rear casing is placed between the two magnet joints and it hermetically closes the hydraulic part from the motor.

Thanks to the innovative mag drive system, pumps model HPP-HPF reduce the risks of leakage and the maintenance costs. HPP-HPF pumps are useful for low flow and high head applications such as Pilot Plants and Sampling.