Volumetric rotary vane pumps MAG-PR/PRG and PR/PRG

Rotary vane pumps offer consistently high performance and are extremely reliable. They generate the pressure with the help of an eccentrically mounted, rotating shaft, in which four movable slide plates are fitted. The eccentric bearing results in forced delivery and an even pressure build-up. The result is a pressurized liquid that meets all your needs. Depending on the use and the specific requirements, you can choose the technology that best suits your application.

The MAG-PR/PRG series combines the typical advantages of volumetric rotary vane pumps with magnetic drive technology.
These pumps guarantee an excellent seal without leaks or drips, even with difficult liquids. They are ideal for pumping chemical or aggressive liquids and are particularly suitable as energy-efficient circulation pumps.

The PR/PRG series with mechanical seal is a solution that has guaranteed simplicity and reliability for decades.
The main advantage of these pumps is the constant flow of up to 2400 l/h, even when the pressure rises sharply. This offers many advantages and absolute control over the performance of your machine. In addition, liquids with a differential pressure of up to 18 bar can be pumped.

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