Volumetric rotary vane pumps MAG-PR/PRG and PR/PRG

Self-priming with high performance

The advantage of these pumps is that they maintain a nearly constant flow rate as the head increases. Silence, low energy consumption and reduced dimensions make them an extremely versatile and high-performing product. According to the overall dimensions and performance, we can offer the following series of standard pumps in both brass and stainless steel.

MAG-PR/PRG series – displacement vane pumps combined with magnetic drive. These pumps are characterized by the absence of a rotating mechanical seal and therefore guarantee excellent sealing, without leakage or dripping, even with difficult liquids. Less mechanical friction guarantees higher efficiency and even higher reliability. Ideal for handling chemical liquids or to be used as low energy recirculation pumps.
You can work with liquids from -30°C to +200°C. Pump bodies are made of stainless steel, with or without bypass valve, available with different types of seals (NBR, EPDM, FKM, PTFE or silicone).
They are ideal for pumping chemical or aggressive liquids and are particularly suitable as energy-efficient circulation pumps

Series PR/PRG – rotary vane pumps with mechanical seal. One of the main advantages of these pumps is the constant flow of up to 2,400 l/h, even with a sharp increase in pressure. The pressure pumps are self-priming. This means that they are able to suck in liquid even if it is not pressurized and even if there is no inlet pressure.

The materials used for the rotating parts are self-lubricating, ensuring low wear without the need for oil or grease to come into contact with the fluid. Silent and highly reliable, they are also valued for their wide range of customization options. The balance between high performance and small size makes these rotary vane pumps the most popular model on the market.