SPECK Vacuum pumps unit – series Univac | Plug-and-Play vacuum units save time on installation and maintenance!

UniVac is a ready-to-connect, compact and maintenance-friendly vacuum unit with highly efficient separator, condenser and heat exchanger. All components are already integrated in this system. Time-consuming tubing of individual plant parts from different suppliers is a thing of the past. Just fix UniVac vacuum units, put connections together and get started – just plug-and-play.

And if you want to replace the heat exchanger for maintenance, this can be done in a few minutes without dismantling a single pipe. It can’t be easier!

Benefits from the intelligent design

The UniVac vacuum units have many advantages:

  • a belated retrofitting of the heat exchanger is possible
  • discharge of the exhaust air to the environment without further devices
  • process safety through built-in cavitation protection
  • user-friendliness through quiet vacuum pumps
  • extremely little space is needed

DYou can choose between units with single-stage or two-stage vacuum pumps based on the proven V and VZ series from SPECK Pumps:

UniVac-vacuum units are perfect for the following applications

Plastics industry: degassing and extrusion
Pharmaceutical industry: Degassing, drying and distillation
Food industry: degassing, cooking processes

Get an overview oft he technical data

Brochure for download: Vacuum-unit UniVac

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