INOXPA Rotary lobe pumps with TUMA engineering

In the production of special solutions, TUMA is innovative and solution-oriented with the know-how of its engineers and technicians. For example, for a major manufacturer in the sugar industry, several new pump modules have been manufactured for various work processes.

INOXPA rotary lobe pumps from the SLR series were used, which were calculated by the TUMA experts for various performance areas and assembled with additional components as ready-made modules. A total of nine INOXPA positive displacement pumps of the SLR series with an output of 3 to 50 m³ / h were used in this project.

The SLR series volumetric rotary lobe pump in sterile design is a valveless, hygienic and positive positive displacement pump with rotating lobes.

This pump is particularly suitable for pumping low to high viscosity media of any kind. The application ranges from pure product transfer to the feeding of filters and filling equipment to other applications. Liquids containing sensitive solids can be pumped through the special shape of the rotors without damaging the product. This hygienic pump is self-priming or self-priming.

Applications include applications in the dairy, food, beverage and pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Brochure with the performance data of the INOXPA rotary lobe pump series SRL.

TUMA Engineering is a long-time distribution partner of INOXPA in Austria.

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