Liquid ring compressor pumps

Developed for continuous use, in requirements-related versions.

To further increase the versatility of liquid ring vacuum pumps, they can also be configured as compressors. The compressors are variable, with a requirement-related design of the individual components such as motor, clutch, base plate, etc. as well as a requirement-related design using different materials.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are used in many industries in discontinuous and continuous operation in the three basic processes ‘suction, leakage extraction and degassing’, e.g. suction of dry gases, saturated gases and vapors as well as suction of contaminated gases. The pumps have a constant suction power for a wide range of applications.

The liquid ring compressor pumps pump gases at a constant vacuum and are used for pumping explosive gases, e.g. hydrogen or flammable and toxic media. Application-specific advantages of liquid ring compressor pumps also include oil-free pressure generation, i.e. neither oil in the medium nor in the exhaust air and maximum pressures of up to 2.6 bar abs.