Stainless Steel Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pumps

efficient – robust – safe

The MKP, MKP-S and MKTP sealless magnetic drive pumps are ideal to meet the stringent requirements of chemical processing and a multitude of other industries.
These highly advanced and extremely energy efficient pumps are built to handle a huge variety of fluids reliably and absolutely safely.

With their special design using an inverted drive configuration, the MKP, MKP-S and MKTP pumps require no plain bearing carrier. The pumped fluid provides optimum lubrication and cooling of the single, centrally located impeller bearing assembly, also allowing solids-laden and low-boiling liquids to be pumped. Depending on the pumped medium, they can handle fluids containing solids in concentrations up to 30 per cent with a particle size up to 1 mm.

The pump impeller rotates stably about a stationary axis on the gyroscopic principle, maintaining a perfect hydraulic balance. This minimises bearing loads, increasing the reliability of pump

Added to their compact design with virtually no dead areas, the MKP, MKP-S and MKTP pumps are constructed with just a few, robust components. An intelligent modular system facilitates assembly and keeps the costs of spare parts, maintenance and servicing to a minimum.