Magnet chemical standard pumps CSN-EV from TUMA

For use with toxic, flammable, dangerous pumped media

These standard chemical pumps with magnetic coupling are designed according to the EN 22858 / ISO 2858 standard and have a new magnetic coupling concept, which guarantees very good performance even with viscous liquids.

Using the magnetic drive technology, the torque is transmitted without a mechanical connection, simply by the attraction and mode of action of the magnetic field. It is therefore constructed without a pump shaft and shaft seal, so that the liquid is continuously chambered within the pump and the risk of possible leaks is excluded – a system that is environmentally friendly for the operator.

Equipped with a free shaft end “back pull out”, the installation takes place on a base plate with coupling, coupling protection and motor type B3 or in block design with standard motors, type B5 and B35 and now with cast steel base plate.

The transmission of the rotary movement on the shaft is ensured by a magnetic coupling. The outer magnet (connected to the motor) drives the inner magnet (mounted on the impeller unit) without mechanical contact. The transmission of the rotational movement to the impeller is ensured by the magnetic attraction / repulsion forces between the outer and inner magnet. Finally, a containment shell guarantees a total barrier to the outside environment, outside the pump.

3 new magnetic coupling assemblies guarantee increased energy efficiency and are ideally suited for use with toxic, flammable and dangerous media. Thanks to the ATEX certification (pump interior) they are also the ideal pump for “non-electrically conductive” liquids.