Rotary vane vacuum pumps by DVP – Product of the month April

New models for an improved ultimate pressure.

The oil-lubricated vacuum pumps are used when the intake contains moisture or when a better final pressure is to be achieved. Within certain pressure ranges, these pumps run continuously or they are operated with tanks that have to be emptied. The pump performance should be dimensioned according to the volume. Lubrication allows these pumps to suck in water vapour. In order to avoid condensation of the water vapor, the oil-lubricated pumps are equipped with a so-called “gas ballast” which introduces air into the pressure stage to change the saturation level pressure of the vapor. Condensation is thus prevented and the water vapor is blown out. DVP developed the WR pump version with an improved and reinforced gas ballast.

Areas of application: vacuum packaging, thermoformers, injection molding technology, glass industry, foundries, printers, labeling machines, food processing, carpentry and much more.

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