Rotary vane pumps up to 2000 l/h with magnetic drive or mechanical seal

Versatile and powerful!

These rotary vane pumps are volumetric, self-priming, high-performance pumps. The advantage of these pumps is that they maintain a nearly constant flow rate as the head increases. Silence, low energy consumption and reduced dimensions make them an extremely versatile and high-performing product. According to the overall dimensions and performance, we can offer the following series of standard pumps in both brass and stainless steel.

Rotary vane pumps Rotoflow with magnetic drive series MAG-PR | MAG PRG
All the advantages of positive displacement vane pumps have been combined here with a magnetic drive. They are versatile and powerful.

Rotary vane pumps Rotoflow with mechanical seal series PRS | PRM | PR | PRG
These mechanically sealed rotary vane pumps are compact, quiet and highly reliable pumps.

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