Rotary vane pumps Series SVM

Seal-less Mag-drive pumps, ideally suited for low flow / high head applications

SVM Series Rotary Vane Seal-less Mag-drive pumps are ideally suited for low flow / high head applications. SVM pumps feature self-compensating sliding- vanes which maintain design head    and flow capacities for extended operating life. SVM vane pumps are suitable for thin non-lubricating liquids and/or high differential pressure without rapid wear associated with gear mechanisms.

SVM pumps are capable of self-priming from a dry start. No gears to wear or metal to metal contact, low internal slip. Capable of proportioning with variable speed drives. Heavy duty casing and rotors machined from wrought alloy bars. Heavy duty alloy containment shell for added safety. Replaceable carbon cartridge – low maintenance costs. Chemically resistant carbon or silicon carbide sleeve bearings. High torque magnets, suitable for direct starting motors. Pedestal mounted or close coupled design.

All pumps are manufactured in accordance with the current CE-Standard.
Explosion proof models according to ATEX directive, category II are also available.