CP Pumps

Cleaner Pumps, Cleaner Planet

CP Pumps is a Swiss precision company with a high degree of innovation. With the knowledge and the most modern technologies, CP Pumps produces high quality, energy efficient, sealless magnetic and mechanical seal pumps for the following industries: chemical industry (basic and fine chemicals / agrochemicals, specialty chemicals), pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food industry and beverage industry, pulp and paper Paper industry.

Nowadays, industry is facing increasing demands to improve sustainability and energy efficiency. Pumps are considered to play a key role because they offer considerable potential to save energy and costs. Already recognising this back in 1999, CP took action and has become a pioneer in energy-saving pumping systems.
In recent years, CP pump systems has continuously enhanced the hydraulic performance of numerous pump systems, increasing their efficiency by up to 30 per cent. CP is wholeheartedly committed to promoting sustainable manufacturing in industry around the world by giving our customers the benefit of a comprehensive range of solutions that reduce costs and CO2 emissions over the long term.
Cleaner pumps, cleaner planet: CP pump systems firmly believe that sustainable research, thinking and action always pay off for everyone.

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