PTFE/PFA lined Chemical pumps with magnetic coupling

ATEX and FDA compliant

These standard chemical pumps with magnetic coupling are highly corrosion-resistant pumps for the reliable and absolutely leak-free pumping of aggressive liquids.

The magnetic centrifugal pumps of the NM series are chemical centrifugal pumps lined with PTFE/PFA and their dimensions and nominal power correspond to DIN EN 22858. They are available either as NM in back pull-out design with a bare shaft end or as BM in a close-coupled design with a directly flanged drive motor.

The magnetic pumps are almost universally resistant to corrosion, the liquids to be pumped only come into contact with PTFE/PFA, oxide ceramics, zirconium oxide or silicon carbide. This means that they particularly meet the requirements of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

GEKONORM NM pumps are sealless, single-stage annular case pumps with magnetic drive. The pumps are hermetically sealed by the containment can and completely leak-free. The can is made of carbon fiber composite material (CFRP) with a PTFE lining, alternatively made of zirconium oxide. The closed impeller made of PTFE is arranged on a hollow ceramic shaft, which is supported twice by plain bearings made of silicon carbide. The hollow shaft ensures perfect lubrication and cooling of the plain bearings even under difficult operating conditions. The pump is less sensitive to insufficient lubrication or dry running.

The development and manufacture of these energy-efficient magnetic centrifugal pumps actively and sustainably contributes to environmental protection. In order to counteract the steadily increasing energy demand, the development engineers have systematically improved the pumps with regard to the required energy savings in recent years.