Magnetic coupling vacuum pumps RVM by PEDRO GIL

An innovation with maximum efficiency in vacuum technology.

Better productivity, lower production costs, minimum maintenance.
Three concepts which all industry wants to hear, and which become a reality in all vacuum processes thanks to the new magnetic Roots RVM vacuum pump developed by Pedro Gil.

Indeed, this turbo booster was designed to reduce or eliminate the most common difficulties in using standard vacuum pumps. And that means working on the seals. Eliminating dynamic seals and substituting them for magnetic coupling, Pedro Gil has been able to reduce leakages to the lowest level in the current market. And this has rocketed the potential of this pump, converting it into a booster turbo. In fact, the rate of leakage is reduced extraordinarily with this type of magnetic closure, and this allows reaching a range of pressure from 10-2 mbar up to 10-5 mbar. This range means a much improved performance in the high vacuum zone.


  • Magnetic coupling on the shaft
  • Better efficiency in high vacuum
  • Better sealing with a life increase
  • Low leakage coefficient
  • Up to 10-5 mbar
  • Long seal life

With this Magnetic coupling vacuum pumps RVM, Pedro Gil provides an innovation which takes the vacuum process to a different level of efficiency, capability and cost-effectiveness.

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