Magnetic driven centrifugal pumps series HCM

resistant structure, suitable for high corrosive fluids

Mag drive centrifugal pumps series HCM are made of thermoplastic materials (Polypropylene or PVDF) and, thanks to their strong and resistant structure, they are suitable for high corrosive fluids and heavy duty applications.

In seal-less magnetic drive centrifugal pumps, the external magnet is directly connected to the motor shaft and it transmits the torque to the internal
The magnetic field created produces a rotation without physical contact between the parts so the impeller spins and moves the fluid. The rear casing is placed between the two magnet joints and it hermetically closes the hydraulic part from the motor.
The pump casing is machined from a solid block for a great resistance in terms of pressure and temperature and the transmission of the motion occurs through magnetic joints without any mechanical seal. This magnetic drive system guarantees the maximum safety and efficiency reducing risks of leakage and emissions.